4 Reasons to Have Your A/C Tuned up Now

What would you think if your air conditioner suddenly stopped working on
the hottest day of the year? You probably wouldn’t be too happy,
right? Well, that’s just one reason you should have your air conditioning system
tuned up each season. And if that’s not enough to convince you, see below
for a few more vital reasons:


An expert tune-up from Uptown Air Conditioning can help keep your system
running at optimum performance and stop your utility bill increasing through
inefficiency by as much as a quarter when compared to an unmaintained
system. Keep some green in your wallet this season!


Our tune-ups entail a comprehensive system check including air flow, freon
levels, electrical connections, filters, thermostat and lubricating moving
parts to ensure your system continues to operate safely and reliably and
reducing the chance of avoidable breakdowns. This way, you can rest assured
knowing that it’s ready to take on whatever the season throws at it!


Regular maintenance could also help your system reach the manufacturer’s
stated life expectancy, allowing you to enjoy your system for longer.
Why run the risk of having your system break down beyond repair way before
you expected it to?


Maintained systems are able to operate more efficiently than unmaintained
systems, helping you to keep your energy costs in check and potentially
saving you money.Let’s face it, we could all use to save a little
more, or at least spend some money on things we enjoy!

Maintain reliability and energy efficiency in your air conditioning system
in Twin Cities – St. Paul, and book a system tune-up by calling the team at
Uptown Air Conditioning today.

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