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4 Signs the Humidity Level in Your Home Is Too Low

Have any idea what the humidity level is inside your home? If you’re
thinking “it doesn’t really matter” you may want to
think again. Humidity is more important than you thought and it can lead
to some serious problems if it’s not at appropriate levels. Let’s
take a look at a few signs that could indicate there’s not enough
humidity in your home this winter:

What is Humidity?

For starters, let’s quickly define humidity. It’s determined
by the amount of water vapor in the air and it directly contributes to
a number of health concerns. And aside from your health, too much or too
little water vapor in the air can be detrimental to your furniture, decor
and even your home’s structure.

Indicators of Low Humidity:

  1. You or your family members are chronically feeling ill. Low humidity can
    cause mucus membranes to dry out or inflame and if the membrane lining
    isn’t working properly, you’re more vulnerable to catching
    a cold, the flu or other infections.

  2. Dry skin: cold winter weather tends to bring dry air along with it and
    dry air can severely dry out your skin. If you notice that your skin looks
    ashy, flaky or becomes irritated chances are humidity levels are too low
    inside your home.

  3. Dry, irritated eyes. Find yourself blinking all the time because your eyes
    feel like they are drying out? Low humidity can cause tears stored in
    your tear ducts to evaporate which can interrupt the moisture balance
    in your eyes.

  4. Wood floors are warping. Notice gaps, cracks or spaces in your wood floors?
    If the air inside your home is too dry, it can cause the planks to shrink
    or shift which can lead to excess damage.

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