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4 Ways To Keep Mold Out Of Your Basement

When was the last time you stepped foot into that cold, dark creepy basement
of yours? Well, just because you haven’t been down there in a while
doesn’t mean there’s not other living things occupying the
space. That’s right, there could be mold lurking in your basement
and it’s time to put an end to it once and for all!

There are certainly plenty of reasons to remodel your basement – it can
add value to your home, give your kids some space to play during the colder
months, or simply add some living space to your otherwise smaller home.
Today, we’re going to focus on what you can do during a basement
remodel to prevent mold from growing and promote a healthier, cleaner

1 – Use Moisture-Resistant Drywall

Standard drywall, or sheetrock, comes equipped with a paper face. When
this paper gets wet, it becomes the perfect breeding grounds for mold
and mildew.

Instead of picking paper-faced drywall off the pile, opt for the panels
specifically designed for use in bathrooms. They’re meant to be
able to stand up to excess moisture.

Better yet, look for fiberglass-faced drywall. It may be a bit more expensive,
but it’s worth the upfront cost.

2 – Choose Metal Framing Over Wood

It’s extremely common for framers to use wood when framing a basement.
However, just like paper-faced drywall, wood can attract mold if and when
it gets wet.

Steel framing is mold-proof, but just know that it can rust if it’s
not installed properly.

3 – Don’t Pick Just Any Paint

There are special types of paint on the market that are designed to kill
mold spores, but like fiberglass drywall, it’s typically more expensive.

A cheaper option is to mix your own anti-microbial additive into your standard
bucket of paint.

4 – Be Careful With Carpet

Like the feel of soft, cushiony carpet under your feet? We know the feeling!
Just be sure to steer clear of carpets made from natural fibers or options
containing rubbery adhesives as these models tend to attract and feed
mold spores.

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