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5 Common Household Items That Are Making You Sick

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside your very
own home can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside. Hard
to believe, right? Well, what’s even more alarming is the number
of household items just about every homeowner has inside their home that
are actually making you sick. Let’s dive right in:

  1. Candles: sure, they smell good, but in addition to filling your home with
    a pleasant scent they’re also filling it with harmful gases and
    toxic particles. Avoid purchasing and/or lighting candles made from paraffin
    wax – a byproduct of petroleum that has been linked to an increased risk
    of lung cancer.

  2. Cleaning Supplies: most store-bought household cleaning supplies contain
    VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. They can lead to chronic respiratory
    problems, allergic reactions and headaches. It’s also important
    to steer clear of cleaners containing ammonia and chlorine bleach.

  3. Dryer Sheets: now that’s a surprise to most of you, right? Believe
    it or not, the wax-like material on dryer sheets is often a mixture of
    quaternary ammonium salt and silicon oil or stearic acid which is linked
    to asthma.

  4. Air Fresheners: you may want to think twice before spraying the bathroom
    after taking care of business. The chemicals inside air fresheners have
    been compared to the toxicity levels of secondhand smoke. Open up a window
    or create your own natural air freshener instead!

  5. Gas Stoves: if you have a gas range in your kitchen, we’re not telling
    you to get rid of it. What we are telling you, though, is that you need
    a proper ventilation system in the kitchen to get rid of nitrogen dioxide
    that can irritate your lungs and lower resistance to respiratory infections.

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