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5 Common Plumbing Mistakes That Will Cost You

While every homeowner is bound to experience a clog or leak at some point, certain behaviors will undoubtedly lead to serious plumbing problems. Read on to learn whether you’re making these five common plumbing mistakes and how to correct them.

leaking sink in bathroom

Using Your Sink Cabinet for Storage

Many people store cleaning supplies and even a trash can under their sink. It’s convenient and tucked away, but too many things under your sink can lead to leaks. How? Sometimes the pipes under your sink, especially the trap — that’s the U-shaped connection — can be knocked loose when surrounded by bulky items.

Ignoring Leaks

Sometimes, homeowners think that a dripping faucet or running toilet is just a natural result of wear-and-tear. But the truth is that these are subtle warning signs of a growing problem. If you ever see water dripping or notice changes in your plumbing, don’t wait to contact a professional.

Leaving Your Water on When You Go Out of Town

You should run through a home vacation preparation checklist to make sure you avoid any damages or running up the bills while you’re away. Shutting off your home’s main water valve will prevent spontaneous bursts and flooding.

Not Insulating Your Pipes

When winter comes, you shouldn’t leave your plumbing to chance. Cold temperatures can lead to water freezing and pipes leaking. In extreme cases, frozen pipes can burst and cause serious water damage. Pipe insulation is affordable and easy to install; make sure you apply insulation to pipes in your home’s coldest spots like the attic and garage and don’t forget your irrigation system if you have one.

Attempting to DIY Everything

While there are some home fixes you can apply to treat simple plumbing problems, don’t dismantle anything if you aren’t qualified to put it back together. You won’t be able to fix a clog deep in your pipes by taking apart your entire sink; if anything, you’ll wind up with an even bigger problem that costs ten times more to repair.

Play it safe and contact a plumber you can trust. Hero Plumbing, Heating & Cooling has been in business for over 100 years and only hires the most skilled and professional technicians. We love serving our community and helping residents throughout Minneapolis. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a service call, contact us at (612) 324-1004.

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