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5 Home Upgrades for Less Than $100

Fulfill one of your New Year’s Resolutions, the one where you said you were going to save money in 2015. Simple upgrades can really change the feel and decor of your house and now you can do it without breaking the bank. See below for 5 upgrades for less than $100.

  1. Keep The Cold Air Out: not only will a natural door stop keep the warm air in, it will keep the cold air out. How much does one of these cost? About $10-$20. Not to mention, it can help save money on your utility bills each month.

  2. Use A Timer: putting the bath fan on a timer after your morning shower will help keep mold and mildew away. For about $50 you can purchase a digital bath fan control.

  3. Window Curtains In The Shower?: well not quite, but hanging two curtains as if you were framing a window can add flair to your boring bathroom. Choose quick-dry fabric curtains that don’t need a liner, they’ll cost around $60 for the pair.

  4. Put Your Old Fireplace To Use: have an old fireplace that is no longer in use? Line the firebox with plywood and add shelving for storage space. A 4×8 foot sheet of birch plywood goes for around $45.

  5. Don’t Throw Away Your Old Dresser: instead, create an island with a breakfast bar in your kitchen. The only thing you’ll need to buy is the butcher block top which should cost you around $90.

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