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5 Honey-Do List Items You Can Tackle Right Away

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone and if your relationship
is anything like ours, you probably got a list of things to take care
of around the house instead of a box chocolates this year. And contrary
to popular belief, your significant other would rather have the following
items taken care of instead of that expensive bag and jewelry:

  1. Re-Caulk The Tub: nothing can kill a mood like moldy or dirty caulk around
    the base of the bathtub. Take a razor blade or utility knife and remove
    the old, stained stuff and add a fresh layer of caulk. Then use your finger
    or a rag to wipe away the excess and it’ll look as good as new.

  2. Add A Humidifier: hearing complaints about the wood floor that has warped?
    It probably means there’s not enough humidity in your home because
    after all, wood changes shape depending on how much moisture is in the
    air. Not to mention, adding a humidification system can promote healthier skin.

  3. Clean Up The Garage: have a garage full of clutter? Take some time this
    weekend to organize it and get rid of the things you don’t need.
    After all, spring is right around the corner and you’re going to
    need access to the lawnmower and landscaping tools.

  4. Hang Those Shelves: has your honey been nagging you to hang shelves in
    the bathroom or kitchen? Take care of it now! Not only will you get them
    off your back for a little while, but shelves can help solve the problem
    of not having enough storage.

  5. Turn Down The Heat: your home’s heating system has been working hard
    all winter long and now it’s time to give it a rest – especially
    if your significant other is complaining that they’re sweating.
    Now is also a great time to give those ceiling fans a test drive to make
    sure they’ll be ready for spring.

Have additional items on the list that require the knowledge and expertise
of a professional plumber or hvac technician? That’s where we come
in! Take this opportunity to schedule an appointment with the experts
at Hero Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today.

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