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5 Household Myths Debunked

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. We’re sure you’ve heard that about a thousand times, but we highly recommend keeping the thought in mind. Whether you’re looking to hire a contractor, complete a project around the house or find the right tool for the job there’s tons of misinformation available. So, before you go making any decisions read the 5 common household myths below:

  1. The lowest bids and the highest bids are always the worst choices. This is definitely not the case. Sometimes the lowest bid is coming from a company experiencing some down time and the highest bids could be coming from a company that doesn’t want the job.

  2. You never need a permit for DIY projects. It all depends on the project you’re tackling, but there are lots of remodeling jobs that require a permit, even if you’re doing all of the work yourself.

  3. Low-flow toilets don’t work. When the first water-conserving toilets were made, it’s true that some of them weren’t very efficient as they required so much extra flushing. But most of the models on the market today work just as well as those old 7-gallon models from back in the day.

  4. The best solution for getting rid of mold is bleach. While it’s true that bleach does kill mold spores, they can still can allergic reactions even after they’re dead. The better alternative is to use a detergent and water or a scrub brush and a HEPA-filter vacuum.

  5. New washers and dryers are always more efficient than older models. In most cases, new dryers won’t save any more energy than older ones. But when it comes to washing machines, new Energy Star-rated models use an average of 40% less energy.

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