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5 Places You Shouldn’t Install a Thermostat

Thermostats can cause serious issues if they aren’t installed correctly. Even basic miscalibration and dirt can cause your entire system to go haywire. If you’re thinking of installing a new heating and cooling system, make sure you steer clear of placing your thermostat in these five places.

hand changing temperature on thermostat

Near Air Vents

If a thermostat is placed near your supply and return vents, it’s likely to pick up false readings. Being so close to a warm or cool air supply will cause your thermostat to misread the room’s temperature and shut off your system before it’s really done its job.

Close to Windows or Doors

Just as air vents can affect a thermostat’s function, so can doors and windows. The temperature is naturally warmer or cooler near entry points, so your thermostat may wind up causing your system to short-cycle because it doesn’t sense the true temperature inside.

Avoiding windows also ensures that your thermostat won’t be in any direct sunlight, which is bound to make it think its always warmer than it really is.

Around Electronics

Natural heat isn’t the only kind you have to be aware of when installing a thermostat. Electronics also produce heat, so a thermostat that sits directly behind or close to your TV could be affected.

Lamps are another big source of indoor heat generation, so make sure to avoid plugging them in around your thermostat.

In the Kitchen

Cooking and operating large appliances cause your kitchen to be several degrees warmer than the rest of your home. Although it may be a convenient location to put your thermostat, kitchens don’t tend to provide accurate reflections of your home’s true temperature.

Where You Should Put a Thermostat

The best place to install a thermostat is somewhere frequently used and away from any heat or wind source. Doing so will ensure that your thermostat is easily accessible to everyone without being affected by fluctuating temperatures.

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