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5 Weatherizing Tips to Hack Your Energy Bill This Fall

Aside from pumpkin spice flavors, apples, flannels and sweaters, fall also
brings with it the need to turn on the heat. And with the need to warm
up your home, comes higher energy bills and there aren’t too many
homeowners who are happy about that. But if you play your cards right,
and follow a few simple energy-saving hacks, you can sip on your pumpkin
spiced latte from the comfort of your living room. See the tips below
to get a head start!

  1. Find and seal leaky ducts. This is a major source for heat loss that drives
    up heating costs during cold fall and winter months.

  2. Fill gaps and cracks around windows and doors and in the roof and ceiling
    with spray foam insulation. Spray foam is an excellent way to plug up
    hard-to-reach places, again putting a stop to costly air leaks.

  3. Have drafty windows? Window films provide a buffer against cool drafts
    – and they’re easy to install!

  4. Consider having a
    zoned heating system installed. This way you can control which rooms or sections
    of the house receive heat during different times of the day or night.
    Why heat a room that is unoccupied?

  5. Lots of heat is lost through the chimney. Make sure the flue is closed
    when it’s not in use. Just remember to open it back up again before
    you light a fire.

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