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7 Hacks To Get You Through The Dead Of Summer

If it’s hot enough outside to make you swear you’ll never complain
about winter again, chances are your air conditioner isn’t getting
a vacation. If you need to find a happy place between saving for retirement
and paying your cooling bill, these 7 hacks will get you through the heat
of summer with a smile on your face and a few bucks left in your pocket.

1. Remember to close the door completely when you enter or leave the house.
The bugs will be disappointed, but you won’t be!

When your air conditioner is running, keeping your home buttoned up keeps
the warm air out and the cool air in. Your air conditioner will need to
run less to keep things cool, saving energy dollars.

2. Take good care of your air conditioner. It’s your best friend at
least three months out of the year. Clean and replace the filters per
the manufacturer’s recommendation.

3. Get undressed. Peel off the office wear or work uniforms and climb into
breezy, lightweight fabrics.

4. Go dunk your head! Take a refreshing shower or bath. Wetting the large
surface area covering your noggin with cool water is an ideal way to turn
down your body heat.

5. Make some wind! Strategically placed fans can help the cool air inside
your home circulate effectively, allowing you to turn your air conditioner down.

6. Have ice cream for dinner. Or at least think about serving cold sandwiches
and fruit instead of making hot meals on the stovetop. Drying laundry
can wait, too.

7. When the temperature hands you lemons, make lemonade. Staying hydrated
is a delicious way to cool off.

Summer temperatures don’t have to leave you hot or broke. Let these
easy hacks tame the heat and if your cooling system needs a little TLC
to run at peak efficiency, call the experts at
Hero Plumbing, Heating & Cooling for a helping hand and a cool, comfortable home.


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