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Air Conditioning Systems for Hot Water Heated St. Paul, Minneapolis MN Area Homes


Hello, I’m Josh Savage, Owner of Hero Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical. We specialize in home cooling services for all makes and models of air conditioning equipment. I want to explain options for air conditioning systems for homes with radiators, baseboard, steam or hot water heating.

We get some pretty hot days in Minnesota in the summer time, there are options for homeowners without air ducts to get an air conditioning system to keep your family comfortable

Hero’s Air Conditioning Services can help you with any of the options available. The right system for home depends primarily on your needs, your homes architecture and your budget. The basic 3 options for homes without traditional air duct work are:

  1. Install larger, traditional ductwork in your home and cover all or most of the house with a traditional central air conditioning unit. This option can work well in homes with unfinished
    attic spaces and homes with unfinished, easy to access areas. It can be more more cost effective than the following options, but only if access to key areas is easily available.
  2. A high velocity small duct system that can cover the entire home and will require much less construction of soffits to contain traditional duct work as explained in option 1. It integrates easier in to the house because the duct work is much smaller than traditional air ducts. High velocity systems are typically installed in the attic and small ducts are run throughout the home. We have been successful incorporating these systems in to vintage homes that may have
    tricky or challenging architectural situations.
  3. A mini split system. A mini split air conditioning system has a unit that hangs inside the
    home on a wall that looks like a picture frame and also has a unit outside the home. The two units communicate together to cool specific areas in your home. Multiple units can be combined to cover larger areas or an entire home.
What are the functional advantages of a mini split-air conditioning system versus a small duct= High velocity system?

The architecture of your home and your budget are factors in what air conditioning system for your hot water heated home will be best for you. The options discussed above have different price points and vary in effectiveness. Option 1 (install traditional duct work) requires more carpentry to build soffits for large air ducts but can easily cover an entire home. Option 2 (high velocity, small duct system) is very effective and can cover your entire home but can be the most expensive. Option 3 (mini split system) can be installed to cool specific areas or multiple pieces of equipment can cover your entire home. It is the most flexible on a cost / effectiveness basis.


Cosmetic differences in the equipment (Traditional ducts versus mini-split versus small duct – high velocity) minimally alter the look of the interior and exterior of your home

I have a 1938 Tudor style story and half in the Como Park, St. Paul area. I have a passion for old homes and I have passion for how important the aesthetics are, that’s why I bought the home I live in. Most old
home, homeowners have that same feeling. We’ve (Hero Air Conditioning Services) gotten really good at integrating these air conditioning systems in to older, vintage homes with hot water heating with minimal alteration to architectural integrity.


 The visual impact on your home depends on the option that fits your situation

Sometimes we may use multiple systems to cool the entire house and sometimes the homeowner may only be looking to cool certain parts of the house for budget reasons. We’re able to install most systems for customers in 1 to 2 days. For the most part you will barely notice we were there except the addition of some duct work in the back of a closet or some small soffit additions here and there. We keep the intrusion on your home minimal and the air outlets are the only visible sign that we have installed
your air conditioning system. We will supply photos of installations and actual equipment (air duct samples and mini split heads) on your request so you can understand what the visual alterations the system will have on your home.


Hero Heating and Air specializes in the design and installation of the air conditioning system for vintage homes with hot water heating.

I invite you to contact us for a free in-home consultation for cooling options for your home. We will come to your home at a convenient time for you. We’ll listen to your wants and concerns. We’ll give you a complete and thorough proposal for your equipment and installation. We’ll answer all your questions and guarantee the pricing for the project as outlined in our proposal and we will guarantee the equipment and our work in writing.


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