Banish Your Winter Blues with Beachy Bathroom Accents

Lets’ face it – we’ve been dealing with a long, cold winter
here in the Twin Cities, but there’s hope. With spring just around
the corner we have our eyes set on warmer temperatures and lots of daylight.
However, you don’t have to wait until March 20th to start reaping
the benefits of warmer weather. Give your bathroom the following beachy
accents today!

Aquatic Shower Curtain

It’s time to get rid of that old, crusty shower curtain anyway so
why not replace it with fish and ocean creatures? If that’s not
quite your style, you can go with nautical stripes or palm trees.

Mermaid Wall Hooks

Need some more space to store your towels or hang your bathrobe? Hang multi-colored
mermaid hooks on the wall. It’s a cheaper alternative to adding
expensive shelving or additional cabinets.

Swap Out The Photos

Have winter landscape pictures hanging on the walls? It’s time to
swap them out with photos of beautiful beaches, shells or the ocean. You
can accompany the photos with nautical mirrors for a more dramatic look.

Soap and Hand Lotion

We love the smell of pine needles and evergreen trees during the winter
months, don’t get us wrong. But, now it’s time to swap out
these scents with cucumber, watermelon or coconut. Nothing rejuvenates
our senses like the smells of summer!

While you’re sprucing up the bathroom, if you notice any leaks or
plumbing issues with your bathroom fixtures, you know who to call! The
experts at Hero Plumbing, Heating & Cooling have been serving the
Twin Cities – St. Paul area for over 100 years.

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