Brighten up Your Minneapolis – St. Paul Home with Amazing Lighting Designs

Picture your house with no lights. You wouldn’t be able to see anything at night, you wouldn’t be able to show off that special piece of artwork or furniture and you wouldn’t be able to perform daily activities such as brushing your teeth or shaving your face.

Now think about how much impact the lighting fixtures in your house really have. Want to take them to the next level and make your house shine? See below for 3 amazing lighting designs that will allow this transformation to take place:

Unique Lighting Fixtures

You can take any dull, boring room and completely turn it around by adding a unique lighting fixture. What exactly is a unique lighting fixture? This is where you can use your imagination. They can range from hanging pendant lights to fixtures with bizarre shapes and specialty bulbs. Not only will a unique fixture add character to your room, it can help draw attention to your favorite feature.

The Trick To Bathroom Lighting

Finding the perfect bathroom lighting fixtures can be difficult. You’ll want them to add to the decor of the room but practicality is key. The trick is to use layers. Include makeup lighting, wall sconces and decorative ceiling lights to create a beautiful and practical illuminated space.

Theatrical Lighting

You don’t have to be a theater major to enjoy this type of lighting – theatrical lighting can add a bold statement to any room of your home. A black crystal chandelier above a dining room table can add a dramatic touch to the room. Accompany the chandelier with recessed lighting to brighten up the rest of the room.

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