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Careful Where You Toss These Holiday Food Scraps

It’s late. You’ve spent a full day at work and now you’ve got to prepare some of the food items for the big day tomorrow. All you can think about is laying down and closing your eyes, but you know you need to get this done. In order to speed things up a bit, you decide to throw your food scraps down the garbage disposal. But wait, not so fast!

We understand how tempting it can be to simply throw everything down the garbage disposal. After all, it should be able to handle all of your food scraps, right? WRONG. Throw the following items in the trash can instead – you’ll save yourself  a big headache and potentially a big bill down the road:

  • Fibrous foods: food items that contain strings, like celery, can tangle around the disposal’s blades and cause it to jam up.

  • Bones: cooking up a big bird this Thanksgiving? Throw bones in the trash as they’ll just spin around with the blades rather than get chopped up. And even if they do make it past the teeth, they’re definitely going to clog the drain pipe.

  • Coffee grinds: need a little pick-me-up to get through the food prepping process,there’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee. Just be sure not to let any of the grinds find their way into the disposal – they’re going to pile up and cause a sludgy mess.

  • Grease: hot water will wash it down, right? Wrong. Even if it appears to be doing the trick, as the grease cools later on it’ll harden and can cause a backup in your pipes.

If you run into a garbage disposal emergency this holiday season, don’t hesitate to give the expert plumbers at Uptown a call right away! From our family to yours, we wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season.

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