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Ditch These Popular Kitchen Trends in 2020

Update Your Kitchen By Getting Rid Of These Trends

It’s the start of a new decade and it’s time to finally tackle some of those home renovation projects you’ve been putting off and/or or saving up for. You owe it to yourself to make some updates and to finally enjoy some modern luxuries. However, if you want to keep up with the times and eliminate any risk of having your home look like “a blast from the past,” be sure to get rid of these outdated trends.

1 – Bright Appliances

There’s nothing wrong with having a few statement colors in the kitchen, but they shouldn’t be in the form of major appliances. Just think about how that bright red stove or that turquoise refrigerator is going to look in a few years. We suggest sticking with stainless steel, black or white as these colors never go out of style.

2 – Tile Countertops

They’re typically less expensive than some of the more common countertop options and that has made them popular over the last couple of years. However, tile is more prone to chips, cracks and stains which can quickly make a kitchen less desirable. You’ll be better off sticking to granite, quartz, marble or butcherblock.

3 – Open Shelving

This has been a major recent kitchen trend and let’s face it — lots of people are simply overdoing it. Sure, they can look great and serve a useful purpose, but too many shelves can make a kitchen look cluttered and unorganized.

4 – Farmhouse Sinks

We’re not saying to get rid of them all as they do look wonderful and work great in a number of settings. However, farmhouse sinks aren’t practical in every kitchen especially if you have a unique decor style or pattern going on. Keep in mind that other sink materials may work better for you, depending on your usage rate and intentions.

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