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Do You Have These Tools in Your Plumbing Toolbox?

Can you name one of the most essential items every homeowner or renter should own? If you said a toolbox, you’d be correct. Whether you’re an avid home improvement enthusiast or just an occasional DIYer, you should have a few tools on hand at all times. And when it comes to plumbing projects, you’ll want to have the following readily available:

  1. Adjustable wrench – anything with a hexagonal-shaped nut is no match for an adjustable wrench. From compression fittings to supply lines this tool does it all.

  2. Pipe wrench – this type of wrench is a bit larger than an adjustable wrench and it’s a heavy tool meant for tightening and loosening fittings and nuts.

  3. Basin wrench – if you don’t have any of the above wrenches in your toolbox, this one is an absolute must. It’s used to tighten and loosen nuts on sink faucets and it can go into deep, narrow spaces.

  4. Hacksaw – need to cut through metal or plastic pipes, screws, nuts or bolts? Keep this tool by your side. It’s also a good idea to keep extra blades on hand.

  5. Plunger – an essential for any household. Plungers come in handy any time there’s a clog in the toilet, sink or tub.

While these tools will be enough for most “average joes” there are some jobs that require the knowledge and expertise of a professional and that’s where we come in! When you have a plumbing problem that gets out of hand, call on the experts at Uptown!

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