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Finding & Operating Your Main Water Shut-Off

Do you know where your main water shut-off valve is located in your home?
Do you know how to turn it on and off? Knowing these things is an integral
component of being a homeowner and they can save you major trouble in
case of an emergency. After all, there’s no time to lose when a
pipe bursts or springs a leak.

If you have a basement…

The shut-off valve should be located near the foundation wall in the front
portion of your home. It may help to locate the main water pipe which
usually comes through a concrete wall or floor, because the valve should
be located within 3-5 feet of where it enters.

If you have a crawl space and a basement…

You may find the valve where the water enters the basement or it might
be inside the crawl space itself. You may want to consider having an additional
valve added in the basement to make it more convenient to access.

If you have a crawl space, but no basement…

The shut-off valve should be located near your water heater or under the
kitchen sink. It could also be inside the crawl space so if you can’t
find it in either of the first two locations, check here next.

If your house is on a concrete slab…

You’ll likely find the valve near the water heater or in a closet
or storage area near the front of the house. If you can’t find it
there, check underneath the kitchen sink.

Now that you’ve located the main water shut-off valve, operation
is rather simple. There are two main types of valves – it could be circular
or a lever. For circular valves, turn it clockwise to shut off the water
and if you have a lever, turn it so it’s perpendicular to the pipe.

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