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Gas Dryers vs. Electric Dryers

Gas or electric? That is the question. Choosing new appliances can be a daunting task for any homeowner – after all, it’s quite a large investment and we all know how breakdowns and repairs can be major headaches. Take your time and do some extensive research, but in the meantime, see below for a few quick pros and cons of gas and electric dryers:

Electric Dryers: The Pros

Electric dryers have all the benefits of modern dryers. They come with delicate, heavy, normal, large capacity and steam settings. Many are made to use ENERGY STAR efficiency standards and are put through rigorous testing.

Electric Dryers: The Cons

Your newly purchased clothing may wear faster in an electric dryer. Why? All that tumbling and pulling may cause the fabric and the seams to wear.

It also takes nearly twice as long, or longer, for your clothing to dry in an electric dryer than in a gas dryer. This can cause your utility bills to skyrocket.

Gas Dryers: The Pros

Clothing dries much faster in a gas dryer, so the machine typically doesn’t need to run as long. Furthermore, because your clothing undergoes far less stress, it may last and hold that like-new appearance for a longer period of time.

Gas Dryers: The Cons

Gas dryers are typically more expensive to buy, but if you have the infrastructure to hook up a gas dryer, using natural gas is a cheaper way to dry your clothes.

If you do not have the connections in your home for a natural gas dryer. The construction costs may seem excessive. You must find out if there’ a gas main near your home before anything else.

Next, you’ll need a plumber to install a gas line and the fixtures in your home where you wish to place your washer and dryer.

The Final Comparison:

The final comparison between electric and gas dryers is in the cost to maintain and repair them. Homeowners should consider hiring a professional for all major maintenance and repairs of appliances.

Gas dryers are intrinsically too dangerous for a layman to repair. It is always wise for gas dryer owners to call a qualified technician whenever the appliance needs a major repair.

In the end, you should base the choice between buying a gas or electric dryer on your preference for using gas or electric appliances and availability of natural gas in your neighborhood.

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