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Get Rid of Uncomfortable Rooms for Good

Walk into your bedroom only to notice it’s much hotter than the rest of the house? Relaxing in the living room when all of a sudden you start sweating? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Thousands of homeowners suffer from this problem and there’s a very simple solution – home zoning. See below to find out how you can benefit from hvac zoning:

  1. Save on Energy Bills: with home zoning, you can slash your energy bills in more ways than one. Not only will you save on running costs (because independent thermostats control different zones of the house), you’ll consume much less energy overall. Focus on specific areas of the house that require attention while leaving other rooms alone.

  2. You Can Please Everyone: have family members that prefer different temperatures? That’s not a problem with a zoned system. Each room or zone can be set to a different temperature so everyone can be comfortable at the same time.

  3. Less Wear & Tear On Your HVAC System: since your entire home won’t need to be cooled at the same time, your system can catch a much needed break. This means it could potentially require less frequent repairs and could last for a longer period of time.

At Uptown, we provide you with a level of customer service that we back with a satisfaction guarantee for your added confidence. We’ve had over 100 years in training, so you can be sure of the best there is to offer in customer service.

To improve your home comfort levels and enjoy greater energy efficiency in your home in Twin Cities – St. Paul, call and speak with the home zoning experts at Hero Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today.

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