Hang Tight Minnesotans, Winter Is Almost Over!

We have been highlighting ways to save on your heating bill all winter long, but in case you missed them we put together a few more tips. Keep your head up Minnesotans, there’s only a few more weeks of winter!

Don’t Turn It Off

You may have a tendency to turn your heat off whenever you can. While it may save you a few dollars, this could lead to freezing pipes. Instead, turn it down 7 to 10 degrees when you leave your home or when you go to sleep. This can help shave up to 10% off your yearly heating bill.

Does Your Nest Have Enough Padding?

An inadequately insulated home can be costing you a fortune. Focus on the attic because it’s the main passageway for heat to escape.

Adjust To The Weather

Did you know that every time your boiler kicks on it could fire to 180℉? You only need this to happen when it’s zero degrees outside. You can install a weather-sensitive system that adjusts to the actual temperature outside, which will save you money when the temperature isn’t as frigid.

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