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Have You Checked These 4 Spots For Mold?

Nothing good has ever been associated with finding mold in your home. You’re
probably already aware of some of the dangers it can pose on you and your
family and quite frankly, it’s a sight for sore eyes. While mold
is typically easy to spot, sometimes it finds its way into areas that
aren’t noticeable to the naked eye. Here are four places you should
consistently check for mold as well as what to do when you spot it.

1. Under Your Sink

This can be a tricky place to spot mold because you might not go under
your sink often. One of the major culprits here? Leaky pipes.

One of the ways you’ll know it’s there is by noticing a mildew
smell. Once you notice the smell, it is time to call a professional to
remove it.

2. Under The Carpet

This is another place you might not think of at first. A forgotten spill,
moisture, or a home flood could be the culprit of mold growth on your carpets.

It is possible to remove mold from carpets on your own, but it’s
best to leave it to the experts for safety reasons.

3. Air Conditioners

Since an air conditioning unit collects dust and moisture, it is important
to keep it running in the hotter months, within reason.

If you go longer than a day or so without running your AC unit, mold can
form in the ducts. If it’s just a few small spots, you can remove
it using warm soapy water and then spraying the area with Lysol. Just
be sure to wear a mask so you don’t breathe in the spores.

If it gets real bad, a mold remediation company will need to fix the problem
as you definitely don’t want to breathe that stuff in.

4. Chimneys

Did you think that chimneys were only for Santa? Think again. Mold can
form inside a chimney as well.

Bricks are susceptible to collecting moisture that can cause mold growth.
A deep cleaning of the chimney at least once a year is the recommended solution.

Now that you’ve checked on these spots and there are no signs of
mold (we hope), you can sleep easy! And remember, when you need air conditioning
or indoor air quality solutions in Minneapolis and the surrounding neighborhoods,
don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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