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Helpful Tips for Talking with Your Plumber

Ever wish communicating with your plumber was just a tad easier? We understand that you may not be familiar with some of the technical terms that often get tossed around, but it would also make it much easier if homeowners gave themselves a bit of a head start. What do we mean by that? See below to find out what you should know before your technician arrives in order to make the job go as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Not Every Problem is an Emergency

It’s common for homeowners to overreact when they find themselves with a clogged toilet or a backed up drain. Call the plumber immediately, right? Well, if you have other bathrooms or sinks in the house, the one that’s backed up isn’t going to cause you too much trouble.

Back to the Basics
Sure, some of our techs might throw around some words you’ve never heard before and we don’t expect you to be proficient in plumbing jargon. It would however, be extremely helpful to us if you know where your main plumbing shutoff valve is located so you can stop a leaky pipe from ruining your entire home.

Treat Your Plumber With Respect
We know that you want the best service possible, but it’s important to realize that your plumber is a person too. Most of us are hardworking people who are trying to do their best work.

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