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Holiday Decor: Play It Safe

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – unless you don’t follow a few simple safety precautions and wind up with a major disaster. Every year, homeowners make mistakes while decorating their homes which can lead to shocks, burns — or worse — fires. Follow the tips below to enjoy a happy and safe holiday season.

There’s An App For That

If you’re tech savvy and spend lots of time on your smartphone, look for an app that can control your holiday lights. Being able to turn them off while you’re away from the home can keep it safe and help you save on energy bills this year.

Labeled For Outdoor Use
All electrical cords and strings of lights used outside should be labeled for outdoor use. Indoor cords are not designed to handle the outdoor elements and can cause a fire if they get wet. It’s also vital to plug all decorations into a GFCI circuit just in case they short.

Heat And Decorations Don’t Mix
We’re sure you’ve heard of a scenario where a Christmas tree or other decoration caught fire because it was too close to a heat source. To be safe, keep them at least three feet away from heaters, radiators, fireplaces and candles.

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