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Hosting the Holidays in the Twin Cities

We often overlook the stress that comes with the holiday season as we get to spend time with family and friends that we don’t see very often. Having guests over to your house is a very thoughtful gesture, but usually warrants unwanted stress. With these tips, you’ll be able to get your house in order and enjoy quality time with your guests, without the stress!

Make A To-Do List

Gathering your thoughts beforehand and preparing a list of tasks you need to get done before the big day will help you stay organized. Your list may include things like cleaning the kitchen, making sure your bathrooms are in order and are working properly and that your guests are comfortable in your home when they arrive. Some of these tasks often escape the plan ahead list and can be a cause of unnecessary grief during the holidays.

Electrical Safety

During the colder holiday months, your home will inevitably consume more energy. Keeping the oven on for extended periods of time to get all of the delicious food prepared and playing joyful background music on your home’s entertainment system use more energy and require more power than on a normal day. Make sure you are using surge protectors to eliminate the risk of a blown fuse or electrical fire that would really put a damper on the holiday season.

Tidy Up

Everybody wants to show off a sparkling clean home to their guests. While it is important to tidy up the entire house, it may be more beneficial to spend the most time in the rooms where your guests will actually occupy. A little extra cleaning effort should be placed in the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms of your home.

Peace of Mind

Now that you’ve made a list and prepared your home for the holidays, it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy. These gatherings only take place a handful of times per year so make the best of it! Don’t waste time stressing about the small stuff. For additional holiday prep tips click here.

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