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How Do Wi-Fi Thermostats Work?

Remember the days when you actually had to walk up to your thermostat and
turn the dial or slide the lever to change the temperature? Well, those
days are well behind us and we’re thankful for that. We’re
in the midst of the technology era and we couldn’t be happier about
the inception of the wi-fi thermostat. No, they’re not necessarily
brand new – in fact, they’ve been on the market for several years
now. But you may be wondering how they work and that’s what we’re
here to answer!

What are Wi-Fi (Smart) Thermostats?

Generally speaking, these types of thermostats can be categorized into
two groups: there’s the ones that learn your behaviors and automatically
adjust themselves accordingly and there’s those that simply allow
you to control the comfort of your home from a remote management system
(i.e. a smartphone or a tablet).

How Do They Work?

Learning thermostats take a bit of time to to figure out your behaviors.
For most models, you need to set them for about a week or so until they
figure out the temperatures you prefer in order to make your home comfortable.
After that, they automatically adjust in order to keep your home at these
desired temperatures throughout the day and night.

On the other hand…

Regular wi-fi thermostats give homeowners more control over their environment.
They allow you to control comfort levels from your phone, tablet or laptop
so that you virtually never have to remember to walk up to your thermostat
if it gets too warm or too cold.

They can also compile various sets of data so that you can make changes
that result in a more energy-efficient home.

Want to learn more about the capabilities of wi-fi thermostats or find
out how or why you can get one installed in your home? That’s where
we come in! Give the hvac specialists at Uptown a call today: (612) 324-1004.

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