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How to Detect a Toilet Leak

Hear the sound of running water? Notice the bowl is hissing or trickling?
These are clear signs your toilet is leaking, but it’s not always
that obvious. Lots of times, when a toilet leaks, water will flow silently
into the bowl and you may not even realize it’s happening. It’s
important to note though, that even though you’re unaware doesn’t
mean it’s not wasting water and money.

Here’s how you find out if your toilet is leaking:

Step 1 – Remove the cover on the toilet tank.

Step 2 – Add roughly 10 drops of food coloring to the water in the tank.

Step 3 – Put the lid back on the tank, but DO NOT flush.

Step 4 – Wait 15-20 minutes and then head back into the bathroom. If you
notice the water inside the bowl changed color, you have a leak.

What’s causing the leak?

  • The flapper is not operating properly. It should be covering the hole completely.

  • There is a crack in the bottom of the tank.

  • The chain attached to the flapper is too short or getting caught.

  • The fill valve is not working properly.

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