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How to Hide Your Under-Cabinet Lighting Wires

Under-cabinet lighting is a spectacular way to make your investment in a beautiful countertop really shine. A well-planned UCL (under-cabinet lighting) design can create a focal point in your kitchen and act as an additional source of light to brighten up the room where you spend most of your time. However, like most electrical devices, under-cabinet lights come with an extensive wiring system that won’t look so good if they are exposed. How can you hide them? See below for a few tips:

Cable Protectors

If you’re looking for a simple solution, this is your best option. A cable protector is usually made of wood and its job is to safely hide the exposed wires by allowing the bundled wires to fit in a groove. The protector is affixed across the bundle of wires on the underside of the cabinet, hidden from site. You can even customize the look of a cable protector by painting the wood to match the color of the cabinet.

Hide Them In The Cabinet

Another solution to unsightly UCL wires is to hide them inside the cabinet. This process is a bit more involved as it requires cutting into the cabinet to create a covered channel for the wires to go from the light fixture into the cabinet. If working with tools isn’t your thing, we strongly recommend hiring a professional to perform this task.

Extend Your Cabinets With A Wood Valance

In some cases, depending on the lighting fixtures you choose, they’ll hang down a bit lower than the bottom of the cabinet. How can you hide the wires in a case like this, you might ask? You’ll need a wood valance – a piece of wood that can be attached across the bottom of your cabinets, to act as an extension of your cabinetry. Similar to the cable protector, you’ll be able to stain or paint the wood to match the color of the cabinets. The wires should be affixed to the front bottom edge of the cabinet, running along the valance, so they won’t be seen.

Adding under-cabinet lighting to your kitchen will really make an impact on the decor of your kitchen. Give the trusted electricians at Hero Plumbing, Heating & Cooling a call today to discuss a UCL plan that will spiff up your kitchen!

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