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How to Prevent a Costly Plumbing Leak

If you’ve lived in the Twin Cities for some time now, you probably know that we are faced with hard water. But did you know that hard water is a major cause of costly plumbing leaks? Save your pipes and your wallet this season by finding out how to prevent leaks before they happen and knowing what to do should your plumbing fail. See below for a few quick tips:

Preventive Maintenance

  • Reduce water pressure. Even though a shower head with high pressure might feel nice when it’s time to bathe, it adds stress on your pipes.

  • Soften water. Mineral buildup in hard water can cause your pipes to tap out faster. There are a number of water-softening systems available and we recommend having a professional take care of the installation process.

  • Pipes aren’t for laundry. Lots of times homeowners turn to exposed pipes for hanger rods when they run out of space in the closet. But doing so can loosen joints can lead to plumbing leaks.

  • Have shutoff valves installed. Notice that your individual fixtures don’t have their own shutoff valves? Have a professional install them for you, they will likely come in handy down the road.

During An Emergency

  • Locate your main water shutoff valve or the valves on individual fixtures and turn them off right away.

  • Turn on faucets to drain any stagnant water remaining in the pipes.

  • Dry up water spots or leaks with a towel and call in a plumber. That’s what we’re here for!

If you have a leaking pipe or are in need of a repipe solution in Twin Cities-St Paul, you can rely on the fast repairs and expert re-pipe solutions from Uptown Plumbing. Call us today at (612) 324-1004.

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