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How to Properly Air Condition a Newborn’s Room

There are a million things you need to know in order to prepare yourself for a child; how to hold a baby, what to feed them, how to change a diaper, etc. Add how to properly air condition a newborn’s room to that list! Babies can’t adjust to changes in the environment as quickly as adults, which in turn leads to many problems that can be prevented.

A few common issues include skin allergies, rashes, dehydration, and more. Keep these tips in mind when air conditioning your newborn’s room, in order to keep your child healthy and safe:

  1. The temperature in the room should stay between 73-80 degrees fahrenheit. Set a timer or your own alarm to remind yourself to monitor the room.

  2. Use a light blanket from the baby’s toes to their elbow (to prevent an accident). Use light caps to cover their ears and head while sleeping. Babies only need one more layer than us while we sleep.  

  3. Do not have the A/C blow directly on the baby.

  4. Air conditioning has a tendency to dry out their skin. We suggest keeping a bowl of water in the room to reduce dryness and keep the air moist.

  5. Make sure to get your air conditioner serviced regularly! This will ensure the unit is working properly and efficiently.

  6. When you can – open windows or take the baby outside. This is the best, natural option to keep cool and healthy!

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