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How To Properly Store Your Air Conditioner

Fall is on its way and those cool, crisp temperatures will be here before
you know it. You’re thankful that your air conditioner ran smoothly
all summer long, but now it’s time to put it to rest for the cooler months.

What you might not know is that air conditioning units tend to be breeding
grounds for mold and mildew and storing them away without proper cleaning
can lead to severe health problems in the long run. Here’s what
you need to do before you stick that air conditioner up in the attic,
garage or in the closet until spring:

Preparing To Clean

As with most projects you must be properly protected, so safety first!
Make sure you proper eye protection, gloves and face protection so you
don’t subject yourself to harmful mold spores.

Now that you’re covered up, you need to have the proper cleaning
tools. Grab some detergent, water, a 5-gallon bucket, a scrub brush, a
washcloth, and a Shop-Vac.

Removing The Filter

Be sure to unplug the unit before you begin any type of work.

If your air conditioner has snap-on’s on either side you can open the
front grill and remove the filter easily without the use of tools. If
not, use the screwdriver to remove the front grill.

Some air conditioners have disposable filters that need to be replaced,
while most filters simply need to be washed and replaced.

Cleaning The Filter And Unit

Once you have the filter removed you can use detergent and warm water
to remove caked on dirt, dust and debris. Be sure to get it good and clean
and then hang the filter out to dry.

While the filter is drying you can make up a cleaning solution in your
5-gallon bucket.

Go back to your unit and unscrew the protective metal housing on the backside
of the unit. There you will use your Shop-Vac to get all the loose debris
from the air conditioner. After that, use your detergent solution to wipe
away any mold that may have formed inside of the unit with a cloth or brush.

When all the mold and debris has been removed, rinse with water and allow
it to dry.

Putting It Back Together

When the unit is completely dry, reattach the cover. Then replace the
filter, put the grill back on the front and the project is complete! It’s
ready to be stored away for the fall and winter months.

Have additional questions about your home’s cooling system? Feel
free to give the friendly experts at Hero a call at (612) 324-1004.


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