How to Repair a Leaky Pipe in the Twin Cities

Whether it’s a steady drip or a full-on burst, leaky pipes can really cause a headache. And if they’re not properly taken care of, a major plumbing disaster could come as a result. Replacing entire pipes requires the knowledge and expertise of an experienced plumber, but there are a few ways handy homeowners can stop the leak temporarily.

The first option for plugging up a leaky pipe is by using a patch kit. These are often available at your local hardware store, but you can create your own out of heavy rubber and a C-clamp. All you need to do is place the rubber over the hole and tighten the C-clamp around the pipe and the rubber section.

Another option is to use waterproof tape or an epoxy paste to the spot where the pipe is leaking. Make sure to dry the pipe thoroughly if you decide to go with either of these options as they won’t stick if the pipe is wet. What’s the best way to go about taping the leaky pipe? Start about 2-3 inches before the hole and the continue wrapping the pipe an additional 2-3 inches past the spot.

Keep in mind that these solutions are only temporary and may not prevent the pipe from springing a leak in the near future. For a permanent solution, call on the expert plumbers at Uptown. We’ll identify the spot where the pipe is leaking and perform the necessary measures to repair the broken pipe or replace it if needed.

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