Improve Indoor Air Quality With The Sun

There are dozens of items inside your home that are crawling with mold,
mildew and other allergens as we speak. That’s right, dust mites,
natural body oils and other bacteria tend to thrive in lots of areas of
the house that you might not even realize are great breeding grounds.
So, how can you keep everyday items clean? The sun might just become your
new best friend.

Believe it or not, the sun is a natural disinfectant and the UV rays it
gives off have the ability to stop mold and mildew dead in their tracks.
Take a look at the forecast and try to get some of the items below outside
on the next sunny day:

Pillows & Pillowcases: each night, your pillows collect saliva, sweat and body oils as you sleep.
Over time, they can collect bacteria and other harmful pollutants that
could be making you sick. Bring them outside and either lay them flat
(but remember to turn them over after a few hours) or hang them from a
clothesline in order to kill off the bad guys.

Mattress: similar to pillows and pillowcases, your mattress is a lot dirtier than
you probably think. We suggest vacuuming both sides of it first, and then
taking it outside to soak up some rays. Just be sure to check on it frequently
to make sure rodents and other animals aren’t making the situation worse.

Rugs & Mats: even if you make everyone take their shoes off as they enter the house,
rugs and mats still collect lots of things that can cause poor indoor
air quality. You should be vacuuming them once a week at minimum, but
a few hours in the sun can really help, too. Simply drape them over a
railing or lay them out on the deck or patio.

Hero Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we prioritize your family’s health and safety. Clearing the air of
indoor pollutants protects your health and your entire HVAC system. Schedule
your Minneapolis indoor air quality service today!

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