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Is Mold Lurking in Your A/C Unit?

Does your family suffer from respiratory issues? Have you ever thought these problems could be due to unhealthy air inside your home? Air conditioning units are great places for mold to grow, but it could be making you sick. See below to find out how to get rid of it:

There are lots of ways to remove mold from your air conditioning system, but no matter which method you choose keep in mind that mold is dangerous and should be handled with care. One method includes using a cleaning system called Rotobrush. It has a long vacuum-type hose and a rotating brush that scrubs the interior of your ducts and vents.

The next step is to clean the evaporator. In most cases, you can use a strong coil cleaner to take care of this task. Then you’ll need to clean the blower. It can easily be removed from the motor, cleaned and reassembled.

Now that the mold is gone, make sure you are using the right filter to keep it away. A pleated filter works well for keeping dust particles from entering the air handler and ducts. UV lights can also help keep the mold from growing back.

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