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Is Too Much Moisture Bad for Your Home?

Ever walk into a hot, sticky house and wonder why you feel so uncomfortable? Aside from the fact that you probably started to sweat, the humidity in the air can really take a toll on you. Too much humidity in the air, especially during the summer months, can come with some major costs. See below to find out why:

When the house gets warm in the summer most homeowners head for the thermostat to turn on the air conditioner. Some of us probably couldn’t imagine what life was like before the invention of the air conditioner, right? Well your home’s cooling does more than you might think.

Air conditioners work to cool the air by removing humidity as well as hot air through the return vent and blowing cool air back out into the home. Too much moisture in the air is bad news for several reasons:

  1. Have wood floors throughout the house? High humidity levels can cause the planks to spread or warp. Then in the wintertime they’ll shrink back down leaving you with unsightly gaps and cracks.

  2. Notice mold in the bathroom or basement? Smell mildew when you walk into the house? Warm, humid climates are the perfect breeding grounds for these toxic chemicals.

  3. Too much moisture can also cause you to feel warmer. This leads to a vicious cycle where you crank up the air conditioner which in turn can lead to breakdowns and the need for repair.

The bottom line? Too much moisture in the home can lead to a variety of nightmares for homeowners. We strongly recommend keeping a close eye on humidity levels. For more information about keeping your home comfortable and cool this summer, contact the experts at Uptown today!

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