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It’s Time to Schedule an A/C Tune-Up

System failure. High energy bills. Constant sweating due to an uncomfortable house. These are all possible outcomes if you neglect to have your air conditioning system tuned up each year. Trust us, you don’t want to take any risks – you’ll be sorry once July and August get here.

Why Get a Tune-Up?

If improved reliability and efficiency from your A/C system sounds like something you’d enjoy, an annual tune-up is a must. Aside from protecting against breakdowns, a tune-up can help you save money for a variety of reasons. Find out how below:

How You Can Benefit:

  1. Reduce Costs – tired of spending a fortune to keep your house comfortable and cool in the summer? An expert tune-up from Uptown can keep your system running at peak performance. Efficiency is key when it comes to lowering your energy bills.

  2. Reliability – in order to prevent your system from breaking down, we will perform a comprehensive system check. This includes air flow, freon levels, electrical connections, filters and more!

  3. Durability – most systems come with a manufacturer’s guarantee just in case something goes wrong. But if regular maintenance is not performed, often times the guarantee will be void.

  4. Save Time and Money – our professional technicians know exactly what it takes to keep your system up and running, and running efficiently! Well-maintained systems will help keep your energy costs in check which can save you money. Why bother attempting it on your own?

Call Uptown for an air conditioning system tune-up before it’s too late! We’re licensed and insured to repair and maintain any brand or model  you may have in your home.

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