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Keep Drafts out with Window Sash Balancers

If you live an older Twin Cities – St. Paul home, chances are your windows are quite old, too. And while we understand that antique-style windows can add lots of character and charm to your home, they can also be the reason your heating bills are so high each winter. Why? Well, they’re probably not very energy efficient for starters, and if the sash isn’t balanced correctly they could be letting cool drafts in.

Here’s how you can replace old antique window sash balancers and replace them with new and improved parts:

  1. Remove the stop beads from the side of the window. Then pull the window out of the jamb and remove the tension hooks of the old balancers. Pliers tend to do the trick.

  2. Then remove the old sash balancers using a screwdriver or drill.

  3. Sand the jamb and the edges of the sash smooth with a sander and then spray a lubricant on the jamb and sash to reduce friction.

  4. Installed new balancers by driving screws into old mortises.

  5. Attached new hooks on the sash balancers.

  6. Reinstall the window stops on the jamb using nails a hammer to keep it in place.

This is one of many steps you can take this fall to make your home more energy efficient and keep energy bills to a minimum. For more information on heating your home, give the experts at Uptown a call today! (612) 324-1004.

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