Keeping Your Home Cool Starts with the Outside

Are you type of person who likes spending time outside enjoying the fresh air and beautiful summer weather? Or are you the type who’d rather spend their free time inside with the air conditioner blasting? If you chose the latter, consider adding shade to your outdoor living space. Not only will it help keep you cool, it can give your air conditioning system a much needed rest.

  1. Have a canopy installed. Fabric canopies work wonders when it comes to keeping large decks and patios out of the sun. They can also help keep your outdoor furniture protected and keep glass windows and doors hidden from the sun’s warm rays.

  2. Spend time underneath an umbrella. They’re perfect for outdoor dinner parties and extending entertaining well into the night. You can also pull one over to keep you in the shade while you relax in your lounge chair.

  3. Build a pergola. Pergolas work to filter out sunlight on decks that aren’t protected by trees. They also make a great addition to your outdoor kitchen area. Who wants the sun to beat down on them while grilling up burgers and dogs? Not us.

  4. Plant large leafy trees and shrubs. Is your back deck or pool area out in the open? Large trees can provide adequate shade and similar to a canopy, they can help keep your home out of direct sunlight.

Whether it’s your body or your home that you’re keeping out of the sun, shade provides lots of benefits when it comes to keeping cool during the summer months. We can guarantee your air conditioning system will thank you!

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