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Keeping Your Kids Safe in the Kitchen

Sharp knives, boiling water, glass dishes – is your kitchen the most dangerous room of your house when it comes to your childrens’ safety? It’s important to keep your kids safe in a room where they spend a great deal of time each day and it starts with you!

Eliminate The Risk of Burns

Think about how many things there are in your kitchen that could potentially burn your child. From the stove to the microwave, to hot pans and utensils there are probably more hazards than you thought. It’s important to supervise young children in the kitchen especially while you are cooking. If possible, have someone else watch them in a different room so they aren’t as susceptible to injury. If you’re the only one home and they must stay in the kitchen so you can keep an eye on them, teach them not to play with hot appliances and be cautious when serving hot food or beverages.

Don’t Let Them Fall

Falling is another common form of injury that children often face in the kitchen. Be mindful to never turn your back on a child in a tall chair and help them reach food or drinks so they don’t have to reach across the table.

Put All Sharp Items Away

If you have small children, leaving your sharp knives and scissors in a holder on the counter may not be the best idea. Instead, keep them in a drawer or cabinet that your child won’t be able to open and consider locks when your child gets old enough to open them.

Keeping a kid-friendly kitchen is vital when you have small children and educating them about safety in the kitchen can help them learn to be careful in the kitchen.

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