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Mid-Summer HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Can you believe July is almost over already? Summer seems to come and go
faster every year. How’s your A/C doing? In the midst of all the hustle
and bustle, you may miss out on some signs that your air conditioner is
struggling. To stay on the safe side and make sure you and your family
are cool all summer long, here is a mid-summer HVAC maintenance checklist
to keep your system running smoothly.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Is your house too hot, too cold or just right? Your schedule changes during
the summer as the kids are off from school, you take time off work and
more people come over for barbeques and weekend hangouts. Adjusting your
thermostat settings can help cut back on energy consumption and save you
money while keeping everyone cool and comfortable.

When the house is empty, raise your thermostat about 10 degrees rather
than shutting your A/C off altogether. Set the temperatures back before
you go to bed, which will probably be later in the night. You can program
the temperatures to rise again about 15 to 20 minutes after falling asleep.

Smart thermostats are a great way to keep your home running on a schedule
without having to manually adjust things yourself.

Check Your Air Filter

If you had your filter changed just before summer, you may be due for a
replacement. Most residential air filters need replaced every 30-90 days
and summer stirs up dust, dirt and other allergens that can wear down
a filter faster.

You may want to upgrade to a higher MERV filter, which will last longer
and be better at catching summer allergens. You should also clean your
exterior unit; it’s not uncommon for grass and other debris to get
caught in the vents while you’re mowing the lawn. Just make sure your
system is off before you try to remove anything from it.

Free Up Space Around Vents

With the kids home, clothes, toys and just about everything else winds
up on the floor and scattered around the house. Do a walkthrough and make
sure that none of your vents are closed or obstructed. Move furniture
at least three feet away from vents to help air circulate better throughout
your home.

Does Your HVAC Need Some Summer Care? Call Hero!

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