Prepare Your Bathrooms for Thanksgiving Guests

ALERT: Thanksgiving is only a week away! It’s crazy how time flies, isn’t it? If it’s your turn to host the holiday this year, treat your overnight guests to a five-star hotel bathroom experience with the tips below. Between showering, freshening up and relieving themselves after the big meal your guests will likely be spending a decent amount of time in the bathroom.

In order to get your bathroom in tip-top shape before your guests arrive, follow this checklist:

  • First and foremost, make sure the entire room is clean. If you have the time, you can do it yourself, but if you’ll be busy preparing the rest of the house, heading to the supermarket to buy all necessary food items you may want to call in a professional cleaning service to do the dirty work.

  • Stock up on cotton swabs, toilet paper, toothpaste and extra toothbrushes. And don’t forget to remind your guests to throw anything besides toilet paper into the trash. These other items can clog up your plumbing.

  • Freshen up the room with scented soaps or potpourri.

  • Replace old, dirty shower curtains and liners with new ones. You may also want to swap out that old bath mat with a new plush model.

  • Stock the shower with shampoo and soap and consider placing a strainer in the drain. This will help prevent against clogs that could cause major problems with everyone staying over.

  • Have a leaky shower head or broken fixtures? Have them repaired or replaced before your guests arrive. You’re going to need as many working bathrooms as possible.

In need of a plumber to help get your bathrooms in good working order before the big day? Call on the trusted experts at Uptown Plumbing today. We’ll take care of the plumbing and the fixtures so you can worry about the bird!

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