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Quick & Easy Ways To Prevent Drafty Windows & Doors

No one wants to live in a cold house, and drafts make it hard to find reprieve
from the chilly weather even when you’re indoors. Drafts are often
caused by cracks in or around windows and doors, but the good news is
that you can easily patch them up yourself and warm up your home without
having to crank up the heat!

Apply Weatherstripping

Weatherstrips are affordable ways to plug up drafts and stop cold air from
seeping into your home. You apply weatherstripping at the tops and base
(and sometimes even the sides) of windows and doors to block air and keep
warmth inside where it belongs.

Install a New Sweep

An upgraded door or window sweep creates a tight barrier between your home
and the chilly outdoors. Older doors and windows might not have a tight
seal, so adding your own strip can spare you the cost of an expensive
replacement and give you the protection you need.

Insert Window Film

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on new window treatments, consider
applying window film insulation. The plastic film is easy to apply and
can easily patch up drafty windows for the winter. If you want an easy
and affordable way to winterize your home, window film is a great solution.

Re-caulk Your Windows and Doors

Our homes are prone to general wear-and-tear from the elements that result
in cracks and holes in the exterior. Wood splits, plastic cracks and frames
become warped over time, which results in plenty of entry points for cold
air and even insects.

Applying new caulk to your windows and doors will help seal up any openings
and ensure that your home is tightly insulated throughout the entire winter.
You’ll lose less heat in the winter and stop hot air from seeping
in during the summer. Sealing up any small entry points takes only a few
hours, but can save you hundreds of dollars on heating and cooling costs.

We’re ready to help you weatherize your home any time of the year.
Whether you want to combat allergies in the spring, stay cool during summer
or avoid heater malfunctions in the winter, our team is on-call and ready.
Contact us at Hero Plumbing, Heating & Cooling in Minneapolis today
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