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Shopping for a New Bathtub? Here’s What You Need to Know

It’s just a bathtub, it doesn’t matter what it looks like, right? WRONG! A stylish bathtub can really add elegance and utility to any bathroom – and with a plethora of design options there’s the perfect tub for everyone. After all, what’s better than taking a long, hot, relaxing bath after coming home from a day full of activity?

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you go shopping for a new tub. Going in with an idea and a bit of knowledge can help make the buying process a lot less stressful.

  1. How often do you use your bathtub and for what purpose?

  2. Do you want to place a new tub in the same space as the old one, or move the plumbing to a different area?

  3. Which design and style will mesh well with the decor of your bathroom? This includes the color and material.

Types of Tubs

  • Recessed: these tubs are also called alcove, and they abut walls on both ends and along one edge. Recessed tubs commonly have wall-mounted faucets and easily accommodate a shower.

  • Corner: short on space? A corner tub is the best option as they are designed to be installed in tight corners. However, not all corner tubs are able to accommodate a shower so keep this in mind while shopping.

  • Freestanding: if you like to change the layout of your bathroom often, this is the tub for you. Because they require no special faucet drilling and aren’t attached to any walls, you can move it around to any position in your bathroom. You may also know freestanding tubs from their common “claw-foot” design.

  • Platform/Drop-In: hate cleaning the tub? Platform tubs are easy to clean but require extra work to install and often require a larger initial investment. They come with no finished panels and are dropped into a platform or sunk into the ground.

When you decide on the type of tub you like for your bathroom, the expert plumbers at Uptown will take care of the entire installation process. Just give us a call at (612) 324-1004 to schedule an appointment and get started today!

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