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Show off Your Stunning Yard with Landscape Lighting

You’ve raked the leaves, you’ve picked up all the sticks and you’ve fertilized your lawn. When it comes to spring cleaning and getting your yard ready, you’re the man. But why let all of your hard work go to waste when the sun goes down? Keep it shining all night long with landscape lighting done right.

Most landscape lighting is reduced to low-voltage but don’t worry, that’s all you really need. Compared to the normal 120-volt household current, exterior lighting usually runs at a much safer 12 volts. Brightness, color and beam width all vary with the type of bulbs you use and with a proper lighting design plan, you can accentuate any of your outdoor features.

Installation Process

If you’re looking for a very basic layout, most homeowners can install their own lighting fixtures in a weekend. But if you’re looking for a more exquisite plan, it’s best to leave it to the pros. How much does it cost? The best answer is, it varies. You can purchase single fixtures for around $20 and you can have a whole system installed by an expert from around $2,000 and up depending on your preferences.

Placing Your Fixtures
We recommend incorporating lights at the base of your trees, in or around planting beds or gardens and around your outdoor patio space. This way, you’ll be able to highlight beautiful foliage, create a focal point on your gardening ability and provide the perfect amount of lighting to set the mood when hanging out in your backyard.

Need help choosing fixtures or coming up with a design that will work well in your yard? The expert electricians at Uptown are more than happy to assist you. Simply give us a call at (612) 324-1004 today!

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