Smart Light Bulb Doubles as a Speaker

LED light bulbs have been changing the electrical industry for the last couple of years boasting their energy-saving features and ability to last for decades. Companies across the board have taken steps toward creating products to make our homes “smarter” with a push toward a greener planet. But did you ever think there would be a smart light bulb that can double as a speaker for your favorite music?

We know how dangerous plugging too many electronic devices into an outlet or power strip can be, so this is an attempt to eliminate that hazard. According to Astro CEO Shaun Springer, “It allows consumers to maximize the space in their apartment.”

How does it work? The smart light bulb can be plugged into any standard light socket and the speaker works with Apple AirPlay. You can send audio files from Apple devices to the speaker via Wi-Fi and enjoy your favorite playlists while entertaining guests and not worrying about plugging in too many devices. Pretty neat if you ask us!

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