Stop Allergens in Their Tracks

Tired of reaching for the tissues? Can’t live another day with a
sore throat? Have trouble seeing because of itchy, watery eyes? Allergy
season is in full swing and we know how miserable it can be. With that
said, there’s no reason to live it with any longer. There are lots
of things you can inside your own home to keep your allergy symptoms at bay.

Dust Often, But With Caution: dusting is a wonderful way to get rid of
dust, dirt and debris that could make your symptoms worse, but be careful.
It can actually kick these particles into the air if you’re not
careful. Use a damp towel or rag and consider wearing a mask while you clean.

Vacuum: in the off-season, you may be able to get away with vacuuming once
a week. But now that pollen and other particles are more abundant, you
should consider vacuuming at least 2-3 times per week.

Close Windows and Doors: while you may be inclined to open up windows and
doors to get some fresh air on nice days, this will only make matters
worse as it gives allergens a clear entryway into your home. Utilize ceiling
fans and your home’s hvac system to stay comfortable.

Take Advantage of Humidity Control Systems: lots of allergens thrive in
humid conditions so it’s important to keep levels under control.
A whole-home dehumidification system can severely improve overall indoor
air quality.

Use HEPA Filters: in both your vacuum and your hvac system. They’re
known for capturing tiny airborne particles and keeping dust and pet dander subdued.

To improve the air quality in your home in Twin Cities – St. Paul, call
and speak with the indoor air quality experts at Hero Plumbing, Heating
& Cooling today.

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