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#Tuesdaytips: Getting Your Home Ready for Spring

What’s next on your spring cleaning to-do list? Is it cleaning the bathroom? Is it tidying up the kitchen or living? While these are both important for getting your house in tip-top shape, have you given any attention to your plumbing system? After a long, cold winter it’s important to make sure your pipes, drains and garden hoses are ready for the new season.

Where can you start? You can check the toilet to make sure the flusher is working properly and you can look for drips underneath your kitchen and bathroom sinks, but don’t forget about your exterior plumbing. For a few tips on getting the yard up to par, see below:

  • Freezing temperatures and any stagnant water in your outdoor hose line is a recipe for disaster. Check the hose bibs and water supply pipes to make sure nothing has cracked.

  • ‘Tis the season for sump pumps to go to work. Saturated grounds mixed with “April showers” can cause flooding in your basement so make sure your pumps are ready to handle the excess water. You can test it with a few buckets of water.

  • Make sure your yard drains and gutters are flowing freely. Leaves, dirt and debris can cause clogs which will prevent water from draining properly.

  • Call on your local plumber to complete a walk-through. There may be some things that you overlooked or didn’t notice that needed some extra attention. That’s where we come in!

Contact Uptown Plumbing today to schedule your next appointment. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and we’ll make sure your home is ready to take on the warmer temperatures spring has to offer!

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