Turn Your Living Room into a Winter Wonderland

Create a cozy winter wonderland in your living room this season to create
a warm and enjoyable living space as freezing temperatures rear their
ugly heads. It’s that time of year to take down all of the spring
and summer decorations and replace them with winter-themed designs. Nothing
says snuggling up on a cold winter day like a fireplace, blanket and ski
photographs on display in the room.

Consider repainting your walls with warmer colors like red or yellow to
create a warmer atmosphere than your neutral colored walls. Replacing
your sheer window treatments with heavier curtains or draperies is another
simple way to add warmth to a room.

You may want to purchase an area rug for your wood or tile floor which
will provide warmth and comfort for your freezing toes. A simple bookcase
with mittens, wool hats and scarves displayed are a perfect way to personalize
your living space with a winter flair.

Finally, make use of your fireplace. Nothing beats the smell of wood burning
in the winter and the heat that a wood-burning or an electric fireplace
gives off. Plus, it’s a less-expensive way to heat your house!

For more winter-inspired living room ideas, head on over to Better Homes
and Gardens. Don’t let the cold temperatures of winter inhibit you
from enjoying time in a cozy living room with your friends and family.


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