What Causes Low Water Pressure In Homes?

Common Causes of Low Water Pressure

Turn the faucet on and notice the water has been reduced to a trickle? Feel like you’re not even getting clean when you take a shower because the water isn’t strong enough? Have trouble getting grime and residue off of dishes after eating a meal? These are just are few of the issues homeowners run into when they are experiencing low water pressure in the house. But what causes low water pressure in the first place? Find out below!

There Is A Leak

Finding that the water pressure is low in more than one area of the house? This is a good indication there is a leak somewhere in the plumbing system. Since water isn’t flowing all the way through the pipes properly, and water is exiting through a hole or a gap somewhere along the way, you’re left with a feeble stream rather than the full pressure you’re used to.

The Meter Valve Isn’t Fully Open

Check the water meter valve which is likely located next to your water meter and make sure it’s all the way open. If your meter was recently read or you had a repair done to your plumbing system, there’s a chance this valve was tampered with and may not have been fully reopened.

The Shutoff Valve Isn’t Fully Open

Similar to the meter valve, the main water supply line that brings water into your home has a valve that opens and closes. Check to make sure it’s fully open.

The Aerator Screen Is Clogged

Only have low water pressure at one faucet? It could mean the aerator screen is clogged and needs to be cleaned. Unscrew it and dispose of any minerals or debris that may have collected over time.

The Pipes Are Blocked

Have old piping in your home? As pipes age, they tend to corrode which can leave the insides full of rust, scale and pieces of steel (or whatever material the piping is made of). This problem will only get worse and worse as time goes on so it’s best to have the pipes replaced right away.

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