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What Is Small Duct High Velocity HVAC?

If you live in an older Twin Cities home, a central air conditioning or a forced air system may not be a viable option. So are you supposed to just deal with an overheated home in the summer and an icebox in the winter? Of course not! Find out how a small duct high velocity HVAC system could be the perfect solution for your charming home below:

What Is a Small Duct High Velocity System?

This type of HVAC system is designed to be incredibly versatile. It can be installed in just about any home with little or no need to renovate or remodel. How? The ducts are flexible and can be routed through existing small cavities with ease and the outlets are small and unobtrusive with a range of designs to suit and decor or aesthetic.

In addition to its ease of installation, a new small duct high velocity system provides an efficient solution with quiet operation. You may not even realize it’s on!

Expert Installations With Uptown
The technicians at Uptown are well-trained and have a vast knowledge of older homes – in fact we are known as the older home specialists in the area! With our expertise and experience in SDHV installation, your new system will be installed quickly – in most cases we can be in and out in a single day!

What’s more? We’re so sure that you will be delighted with our level of customer care that we guarantee your satisfaction.

For quality small duct high velocity cooling and heating installations and repairs in your Twin Cities – St. Paul home or to find out the benefits of the SDHV system, call and speak with the experts at Uptown Heating and Cooling today.

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